An In-Depth Look at the OnePlus 9R – A Potential Home Phone


The new flagship from Oppos, the OnePlus 9R, is arguably the most affordable smartphone in the industry today. While its predecessors topped the charts in terms of high pricing, the 9R achieved its feat by performing on all expectations. The low price tag it enjoys makes it a must-have smartphone in every potential buyer’s arsenal.

In terms of features, the oneplus 9R comes with the same OxygenOS 2.0 interface as its predecessors. Though it may not be the best in terms of software customization or visual experience, one could always expect the same excellent user interface that Oxygen OS has to offer. With OxygenOS, one can expect to get access to features such as Google Now, Voice commands, Google Maps, and so forth. These are only a few examples of the many features that the OxygenOS can provide but it is enough to show that the smartphone has what it takes to become one of the top devices for android. OnePlus 9R

One interesting feature of the smartphone that many users would appreciate is its multi-media features including its image 2.0 camera. The device comes with an 8 megapixel primary camera and one to two megapixel image capturing modes. This works well for those who want to capture high quality images but lack the storage space for better cameras. With this, one could also consider buying a memory card separate from the smartphone to augment its storage capacity.

Unlike most smartphones which lack an internal memory card slot, the oneplus 9R comes with a built-in memory card. Although the device is equipped with an external memory card, one can opt to buy an additional memory card to expand its existing memory. This will allow one to use the device for a longer time especially if it is planning to buy additional apps or use the photo editing features. For people who constantly want to increase their storage space, they could consider buying a bigger one. However, this has to be weighed against the fact that the bigger memory cards come with higher prices so it may not be viable in many instances.

The Oneysonic 9R comes with an imx586 sensor. This sensor is capable of detecting finger motion and will therefore respond to any physical touch on the screen. This is unlike the resistive touchscreen sensors which do not react to any physical pressure. The imx584 sensor is also capable of detecting objects which are further away than the screen. This is similar to Apple’s fingerprint scanner. Although this product lacks a headphone jack, it comes with a speaker which can be used to play music.

The phone’s screen is coated with Gorilla Glass which is scratch resistant. The front glass has been stretched to provide a larger display. There are no icons as such and hence there is no need to fidget with the icons to access the various menus and functions. The biggest weakness of this phone is that it does not support multi-point input. The default keyboard layout however is very convenient to use.

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