Features Of The Samsung Galaxy M01


Samsung Galaxy S series has been extremely popular with a lot of users. The new handset allows one to enjoy the best of mobile technology. This is possible as Samsung Galaxy S Series has been equipped with most advanced technology which is an improvement over any other handset of its class. The company has launched this high-tech smartphone in India and several other parts of the world. If you wish to buy Samsung Galaxy M01 along with some of your personal needs, here are few points to consider. samsung galaxy m01

Samsung Galaxy M01 – this smartphone from Samsung comes with a powerful multimedia features. Samsung Galaxy M01 has a 16GB internal storage, so storage is not a problem. Samsung Galaxy S Series also offers plenty of memory space which can be accessed through the microSD card slot. It comes with a unique dual camera which can be used for both video and photo recording. The rear camera has a reduced size which gives you better image quality.

Samsung Galaxy S Series has a number of facilities which allow you to take quality photos and videos. These include Samsung Galaxy S Memo which allows you to save the images that you take with your Samsung Galaxy S smartphone. You can even send these pictures and videos to your friends and family through email or any other messaging applications. The facility of taking selfies has been enhanced with the Samsung Galaxy S Pen. The device comes with an 8 mega pixel rear camera setup along with a 1.5 mega pixel primary camera.

Samsung Galaxy S smartphone has been powered with a high performance chipset which is based on the ARM processor. The chipset is known as the Exynos-based chipset and is backed by the Mali-Taxy A processor. The main reason behind this development is that it enables the smartphone to access high-resolution media files, including HD movies and games, as well as run many apps at the same time. The smartphone also features an Adreno 500MP camera which can take great photos and videos. Apart from the camera, the Samsung Galaxy S Series also features the Exynos-based quad-core chipset and the same 4000 mah battery which supports the mobile connectivity capabilities.

There are several additional features in the Samsung Galaxy S Series which make it more popular among the users. One of the most important features in the smartphone is the aspect ratio which helps you to see the display of the text on the phone. The aspect ratio is powered by an octa-core snapdragon 439 processor. The processor enables the Samsung Galaxy S Series to run various apps at the same time. Another amazing feature of the smartphone is that it runs android 10, the new operating system which has been launched by Samsung to power the different devices of the company.

At the launch of the Samsung galaxy M01, there were so many features which made the device a world-class mobile phone. It featured the sophisticated camera, multi-tasking facility, high resolution screen, advanced notification system, good battery life and smooth performance. There are several other features in the Samsung Galaxy S Series which include the presence of 3D navigation tools, fm radio, expandable memory, microSD support, music player and plenty of connectivity options. These various connectivity options are supported by different handsets like iPhone, Nokia, HTC etc. With the help of these devices you can connect to the internet via internet using GSM technology, EDGE and HSDPA networks or wireless broadband. Apart from this the Samsung Galaxy S Series also features the interesting Ultra White technology which has reduced the glare of the screen considerably and can be used with any wallpaper.

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