Rules to Write a Perfect Subliminal Message

People are bombarded with huge subliminal messaging every day, and the beauty of these messages is that we are not aware of them. But still the subliminal message influences our thoughts and beliefs. These messages directly influence your subconscious mind which is considered to be the root of our personality. This message can affect both positively and negatives on our psyche. The strength and quality of impact of these messages on our subconscious is dependent on how well these messages are written. If one wants to loose weight by dieting then a message that shall be written to tune your subconscious for weight loss is very critical. Let’s share some value tips on writing a perfect message to get maximum results.

Whenever a subliminal messaging is drafted, it should be addressed directly for the person concerned. The message must be phrased in first person and preferable in singular sentences (like I and me). Such type of addressing allows the subconscious mind to get first hand clear instructions. If the objective of the person is to become financially independent in next ten years then his message must start or include “I am….”

This rule is a derivative of the way a subconscious mind thinks. Studies show that subconscious mind only considers information and sentences written in present tenses. Subconscious mind works only in the present and does not consider the past. Writing message in present tense is the ideal way of influencing the subconscious mind. If the objective of the person is to become financially independent in next ten years then his message must be like “I am saving and investing….” gbwhatsapp

Before writing the message one must be absolutely clear about the goal that needs to be achieved. If one wants to be financially independent then it must be clearly spelt out in the message. Moreover, one must also be clear that how he/she is going to achieve that goal. Like financial independence can be achieved by ‘savings’ and ‘investment’, then these two words must be included in the message. Finally if one can quantify the message by putting some values then it will make the message perfect. Like “I am saving and investing $500 per month to achieve financial independence”.

Subliminal message is written with an objective to influence the subconscious mind and to drive it towards achievement of a specific goal. The conscious mind works as a filer, but these messages are directly transferred to the subconscious without getting filtered or modified. When the mind gets exposed to these messages several times, day after day, then it starts to influence the person. The mind starts believing the message and starts taking proactive and positive steps towards that achievement of the goal. The messages keep firing at the person without the person even realizing the existence of such a message. Every second the message blinks on your computer screen bringing you closer towards your goal. Such messages are effective and customizable to suit the person’s requirement and goal of life.

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