AC Maintenance – 5 Things You Can Do Yourself

AC Maintenance - 5 Things You Can Do Yourself


Keeping your AC system in good shape is one of the best ways to keep your cooling costs low. An AC unit will run more efficiently if not clogged up with debris. This will also prolong its life. It is best to have your AC unit checked and maintained regularly. This can save you hundreds of dollars in the long run. Read on to learn some important tips recommended by the best AC maintenance companies in Dubai to help you repair your AC yourself.

Check your breaker box for any loose connections:

To begin with, you should check your breaker box for any loose connections. If any of the connections are loose, they can cause a system to break down unexpectedly. In addition, an AC unit will run less efficiently and require more energy to work.

Look at the outside compressor/condenser unit:

Next, you should look at the outside compressor/condenser unit. It will need to be replaced if it looks old and worn out. If you need help checking the unit, you can call a local AC repair company. They will be able to spot problems in your system before they become a major issues. This will prevent the need for costly repairs.

Check your unit to inspect the evaporator coil:

Another way to check your unit is to inspect the evaporator coil. This part of your air conditioner removes excess moisture from the air. It is important to clean the coil with a hose and compressed air. Using foil tape to seal small gaps is also a good idea. This will help prevent leaks and increase the life of your AC unit.

Clean the coil regularly:

If you have a garden hose, it is a good idea to use it to clean the coil. This will help remove any debris and dirt that has built up. You can also clean the unit using a shop vac. Using a hose with a crevice tool is a good idea to help remove any dirt.

Look for leaks:

It would help if you also looked for leaks. If you notice any spots that are cooler than normal, this could signify a leak. You will need to check the source of the leak, as well as the outside breaker box and exterior shut-off box. You should also check the refrigerant line. A leak from the refrigerant line can be dangerous to the environment. If you notice smoke when you turn the unit on, this can also indicate a leak.