Getting An SPC Free Zone License – Must Go Through This Guide First 

Getting An SPC Free Zone License – Must Go Through This Guide First 


Those who are seeking a SPC free zone license should be aware of the requirements that must be fulfilled to get one. In the UAE, operating a business without a valid license is illegal. Similarly, if you want to operate your business within the SPC free zone, you must also fulfill the legal requirements. However, the government provides certain incentives to assist entrepreneurs in achieving their objectives.

For example, the SPC free zone offers competitive license packages and the best business infrastructure. These include state-of-the-art office spaces, co-working spaces, and warehouses. This makes the zone a perfect launch pad for startups and new businesses. You can also get a dual license to conduct your mainland and SPC-free zone operations. This is extremely beneficial for e-commerce and general trading. You can also obtain a dual visa.

You can get three licenses in the SPC free zone: Commercial, e-commerce, and service. Each license type is issued based on the business activity you want to undertake in the free zone. This includes trading goods, services, consulting, and other activities. Each of these licenses is available for individual companies and corporate entities.

The process of obtaining a license for SPC free zone is easy and hassle-free. You can get your license within a day and get your bank account opened with the help of your licensed company. In addition, you can avail of Flexi desk services, allowing you to use the common center desks for free.

You must submit your proposed manager’s specimen signature and the parent company’s business license. You will be given a 25-year lease for your enterprise. You can also extend your lease as per your needs. You can also hire foreigners for your business. This will help you to expand your business and increase your profits quickly.

Unlike other free zones, the SPC free zone provides services to all business activities, not just those related to imports and re-exports. This means you can start a financial or educational business in the SPC free zone. You can also operate a retail or hospitality business.